Mend A Broken Heart Spells

Mend A Broken Heart Spells
Mend A Broken Heart Spells

Mend A Broken Heart Spells by sitting down in a place where you will be undisturbed, and take the egg in your hand.

Therefore allow yourself to think about the relationship that you have ended, and feel all your negative feelings – grief, loneliness and frustration – come to the surface.
So now all the depression you projected into the egg is being absorbed and neutralized by the earth.

Do The First Spell Of Mend A Broken Heart Spells.

When you’ve lost that special one,
After a romance is done,
It’s time to heal the wound that has scarred your heart.
Even if you think you can’t make a fresh start.
It’s time to dissolve the grief and bury the past.
You must slowly move forward at last.
Do this spell before frost has unhinged the ground,
When summer flowers blow their heads and revolve grimy brown.
Go to an orchard when a nip is in the autumn blow,
Where bygone apples lay to decay and freeze.
choose an apple that has lost its color and is muted,
On it, inscribe a heart with a oxidized nail.
Mash the apple into the earth so the spell’s power is ransom.
Walk away, hold your head soaring, let your heart be at calm.

Do The Second Spell Of Mend A Broken Heart Spells.

Pummel the clay gently till it is meshy and pliable. Site the clay on the linen of waxed paper and cast it into the form of a heart. Next, gently hoist the heart-formed clay from the waxed paper and rise it in the palm of your left hand. Say the following words in  a loud voice:

From Mother Earth my heart was born, And to her breasts shall come again, My mended heart, my heart of clay, To her I offer on this day, May she store it well and warm, Away from evil, strife and harm.

Place the box in a safe place, where it will remain undisturbed.

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